Baltasar González

Started in 1992

  • Eye Shadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan)

    Rich Colour, Professional, Pro Palette Pan


    Shade: Cobalt

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About The Artist

Senior Artist Baltasar González Pinel

is a life-long makeup enthusiast whose passion was forged in the school classroom. Hailing from the Catalan city of Reus, his early years were spent perfecting his craft at home. He went on to study cosmetology, learning the formulas and compositions behind the products we use every day, before working behind the M·A·C counter in Barcelona and becoming an internationally recognized makeup artist. Here he tells us more about his journey, from the playground to the catwalk, and how Spain will always be his first and last source of inspiration.

Schoolboy Crush

“My interest in makeup started when I was around 13-years-old, but at the time it was impossible for me to attend makeup classes. This situation was never an obstacle; I concentrated my energy on trying to understand what makeup is and practicing on everybody who let me. I remember in high school during some free time testing out my ideas on friends. Everyone knew about my makeup obsession. I have to say that they probably where thinking that I was kind of a freak.”

Coming Up

“I moved to Barcelona when I was 19-years-old, studied cosmetology, and fell deeply in love with the beauty industry. I worked at the counter for four years in Barcelona where I was in charge of lipstick. I loved to organize and polish them. On the days where there were no customers, we would put the music on very high to clean the counter while we danced!”

A Spanish Affair

“My favourite place in the world is Granada, a magical Andalusian city that forces you to connect with your wild and mysterious roots. If you were going there I would recommend taking the Coffee Eye Pencil, which is perfectly in keeping with that atmosphere. It is very easy to blend so you can create the illusion of a dark ashy veil around the eyes. I would also take Nightmoth Lip Pencil for a wash of deep plum on the lips and Haute & Naughty Lash to give an extra oomph to the eye.”

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