The Ultimate Guide to Eye Shadow Application

Eyeshadows can be used to create many different looks. Read M.A.C. for the ultimate guide to eye shadow application.
Get ready to unleash your eye shadow game! With a dazzling range of shades, finishes, and textures, eye shadow is the ultimate tool for creating stunning looks. Our ultimate guide has covered you, from choosing the right shades for your eye colour to mastering the art of application. Say goodbye to eye shadow mishaps as we reveal the secrets to flawless results. Your eyes are about to steal the spotlight!


Different Types of Eye Shadow Formulation

Explore which eye shadow is right for you! Below are the three most popular ones: powder, cream and liquid.

Powder Eye shadow
Let's dive into the fabulous world of powder eye shadow, a true classic! It's been around forever and comes in a variety of finishes – matte, metallic, shimmer, and even glitter! Throughout history, people from all corners of the globe have rocked this timeless beauty staple. To apply, all you have to do is use a makeup brush or your fingertips! You can build up the intensity and get creative by blending different colours for endless makeup possibilities. Powder eye shadow is your ticket to a stunning, show-stopping look. Are you ready to slay the game? Let's get blending!

Cream Eye shadow
Now let's talk about the luscious world of cream eye shadows! These little pots of magic are delightfully creamy and adhesive, making application easy with brushes or your fingertips. Swipe on a cream eye shadow for a stunning natural dewy look, or use it as a fabulous base to amp up the intensity. The best part? These babies are built to last so that you can rock your flawless eye look all day long. Say goodbye to creasing and hello to eye shadow that stays put. Get your glam on with creamy goodness!

Liquid Eye shadow
Liquid eye shadows are truly the masters of drama! With their watery consistency and sleek tube packaging, these gems pack some intensity. These captivating colours are perfect for mesmerizing smokey eyes or bold statement looks. Liquid eye shadows are here to elevate your eye game and leave everyone in awe. So, what are you waiting for? Let the magic unfold!

Eye Shadow Shades to Match Your Eye Colour

When it comes to eye shadow, your creativity and self-expression are the most important. But wait! Matching your shades to your eye colour can take your eye game from ordinary to extraordinary! Enhance and emphasize your eyes' natural colour with a little colour coordination magic. By rocking shades that complement your eyes, you'll create a standout look that makes those peepers pop! So, are you ready for some colour suggestions that will leave everyone spellbound? Let's dive in and unlock the perfect palette for your mesmerizing eyes. It's time to make a statement!

Eye Shadow Colours For Brown Eyes
Level up your brown-eyed beauty game with some eye shadow magic! You should look into a palette of warm brown shades like taupe, beige, bronze, and copper that will bring out the richness of your gorgeous eyes. Want to make those browns pop? Go for olive green or emerald to create a captivating contrast. For a touch of drama, try plum, lavender, or deep purple to make those eyes truly mesmerize. Embrace your bold side and make a statement that cannot be ignored! Opt for electrifying shades like teal, navy, and cobalt to create an unforgettable look that demands attention. And when it comes to adding a touch of pizzazz, let those mesmerizing gold hues work their magic, illuminating your brown eyes like sparkling diamonds. Get ready to shine and leave a lasting impression wherever you go! These shades promise to bring out the best in your gorgeous eyes!

Eye Shadow Colours for Blue Eyes
Have you got those ocean-blue eyes? Here are our eye shadow recommendations to make those blue beauties shine. You should go for warm brown and copper shades to enhance the natural tone of your blue eyes, while soft pink and peach will help you create a subtle yet stunning contrast. If you want to turn heads, go for striking purple and lavender shades. For extra allure, gold and shimmery champagne shades make those blues appear brighter. And for an elegant touch, try chic grey and silver shades. These shades guarantee to make a statement that won't be forgotten!

Eye Shadow Colours for Green Eyes
Calling all green-eyed goddesses, it's time to conquer the eye game like never before! Prepare to be dazzled by our treasure trove of eye shadow shades that will make your mesmerizing emerald eyes truly pop. You can warm up those eyes with irresistible hues of brown taupe. Moreover, mossy greens will bring out the natural beauty of your emerald gaze. Want to turn up the vibrancy? Embrace the enchanting power of purple shades for a striking contrast that will make your eyes shine. For a soft and feminine touch, let pink and subtle orange shades work their magic. And when it's time to unleash your inner vixen, dive into deep blue shades that will create an intense makeup look that demands attention. It's time to shine with these scintillating shades.

Eye Shadow Colours for Hazel Eyes
We're calling all hazel-eyed beauties! Your eyes are a mesmerizing blend of green, brown, and even blue tones, making them the ultimate canvas for endless eye shadow possibilities. Ready to make those hazel eyes shine? Warm browns will turn up the heat, giving your hazel eyes a sun-kissed glow. For a touch of enchantment, green shadows bring out the lush green tones within your hazel gaze. Want to take it up a notch? Purple eye shadow works its magic, enhancing your eyes' mesmerizing green and gold hues. And when it's time to unleash your inner siren, dive into deep blue shades that will make your eyes dance with a captivating green allure. Get ready to embrace the beauty of your hazel eyes and create looks that will leave everyone spellbound!

Of course, these are just our recommendations. We want you to experiment and see what colours look best on you and go with your skin tone, eye colour, and personal style!

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Step 1: Select the Right Brush
Time to brush up on your eye shadow skills! Grab an eye brush, and let's get blending. Here's the deal: for the perfect application, remember the rule of thumb. Use bigger brushes for those base layers, and switch to smaller ones for those detailed touches, like adding colour to the crease, inner corners, and lash line. We at M.A.C. have your back with a killer selection of high-quality eye brushes. So, go ahead and level up your eye shadow game with the right tools.

Step 2: Apply a Shadow Primer
The secret to slaying all day is having an eye shadow primer! It extends wear, enhances colour, and prevents creasing. M.A.C. Prep + Prime 24-hour Extend Eye Base is an ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested for all skin types. So, grab one quick for those long-lasting, vibrant eye looks!

Step 3: Pick your Eye shadow Palette
Let's unleash your creativity by selecting the perfect eye shadow palette! You'll need a base shade, a crease shade, and a highlight shade to work that magic. But hey, don't stop there—go wild and add more shades to a multitude of looks! You're in good hands because we have created the incredible world of M.A.C.'s legendary eye shadow palettes. These babies are trusted by makeup pros and beauty enthusiasts worldwide. So, whether you're a pro or just starting your eye shadow journey, get ready to play with the best of the best.

M.A.C. Eye Shadow Mono are sensational pigmented single-colour pressed powders that stay on all day. They come in a myriad of colours and are one of M.A.C.'s bestsellers. The Eye Shadow Mono pots are safe for contact lens wearers and can be applied wet or dry. 

M.A.C. Connect In Colour X12 palette is a dream come true with its mesmerizing pops of colours with a good mix of neutral shades. It truly helps you create looks for any occasion! The M.A.C. Connect In Colour X 6 palette, on the other hand, is a carefully curated palette that's designed for on-the-go transition of looks. Trusted by makeup artists around the world, the Connect In Colour palettes have never been more in demand!

M.A.C.'s Dazzleshadow Liquid Eyeshadow is a game-changer in the world of eye makeup. Its revolutionary liquid formula has a brilliant colour payoff and is layered with glittering shimmer. This highly intense and glamorous product is our showstopper and will have you turning heads all night!

Step 4: Apply Base Shadow
Let's move on to applying the base! Use your fingers or a brush to apply a base shade onto your eyelids and inner corners. Then pat and blend until smooth.

Step 5: Apply a Darker Matte Colour on the Crease
Add a darker matte colour on the crease. Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose a shade similar to your base or a deep contrasting colour to get a bolder look. Then, blend it out and add more eye shadow as needed.

Step 6: Apply Eyeliner
Once you're satisfied with the eye shadow application, add eyeliner to your upper lash line. M.A.C. Colour Excess Gel Pencil Eyeliners is our go-to choice for this step!

Step 7: Apply Mascara
Apply mascara to open and lift your eyelashes. Mascara generally helps open up the eyes and give it a fresh look. M.A.C Stack Waterproof Mascara does the job perfectly with its waterproof and clump-resistant formulation.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying Eye Shadow

How to avoid the fallout?

1. Use an Eye shadow primer.
2. Apply Eye shadow before foundation and concealer.
3. Tap off excess eye shadow before applying.

How to avoid smudging?

1. Use an eye shadow primer.
2. Set primer with a translucent powder.
3. Use waterproof eyeliners.
4. Use setting spray.

How to avoid creasing?

1. Use an eye shadow primer.
2. Set primer with translucent powder.
3. Apply eyeshadow in thin layers.
4. Blend each layer of eyeshadow thoroughly.

Eye shadows are the ultimate tool for creating both dramatic and natural looks. Hopefully, our guide has provided valuable tips on choosing and applying eye shadow. But always remember, the real fun begins when you embrace your creativity and find the perfect look that suits your style, skin tone, and personality. Explore our world-renowned eye shadow palettes and shades, as they hold the key to unlocking your true colours. So go ahead, dive in, and let your creativity soar with those eye-catching looks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I apply eyeshadow before foundation?

Applying eyeshadow before the foundation is an excellent idea since it helps you clean up eyeshadow fallout more efficiently without affecting your foundation!


Can I apply eyeshadow without eyeliner & mascara?

Yes, of course! You can create many different looks using only eye shadow. An eye look without eyeliner or mascara can be soft and subtle depending on the colours used.

Which eyeshadow palette should I choose?

It would be best to choose different eye shadow palettes depending on the colour selection available, your intended use, and the eyeshadow finish you are looking for. The M.A.C. Connect In Colour X12 or M.A.C. Connect In Colour X 6 is great palettes with a combination of matte and shimmer finishes which can help create a wide range of looks. Unsure of which palette to pick? The MAC Single Eyeshadows are packed with pigmented colour and available in a magnitude of colours. You can try each shade on with our Virtual Try-On to see what suits you best! Unsure of which palette to pick? The MAC Single Eyeshadows are packed with pigmented colour and available in a magnitude of colours. You can try each shade on with our Virtual Try-On to see what suits you best!